About Me

14233223_10157428755540300_4422819430895301260_nMy name is Arundathi and I currently live in Bangalore,India. It’s been close to some 10 years now since I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. I have travelled extensively across India and a little bit in South East Asia, Central Asia and Europe (Thanks to exchange rates, can barely afford international travel :/)

Earlier, I used to earn to travel and plan my work, holidays and basically my life around travel. The thirst to see the world, wander, gaze and get lost was just too much. However, over the years, this thirst has quenched a bit. Nowadays, I am keen on travelling with some kind of purpose, with some kind of goal, apart from the usual ‘getting lost’ phenomenon. I think this is kinda a new phase of travelling and it makes me feel a tad bit responsible too! Well, now let’s see how that goes 🙂