Touch me, touch me Not

The path to the temple was packed with shops

Shops selling sweetmeats,

Chenapoda, Khaja, Rasgullas, what not!


Irresistible they seemed, I jumped right away

one of each atleast I want!

The shopkeeper put his hand up –

‘Stay away’ he said. ‘Don’t Touch the counter’

a bitter face he made.


Second servings were thrown on our plates,

from a feet above from where it was placed.

The bitterness never left his face

how ironic! A sweetmeat place!


Kochilanuagaon, a day later I went.

‘Let’s all eat together’ the hostess sais.

A huge plantain dolled up with food;

rice, chutney, curry and daal

cannot miss the papad, salad and pickle!


Some 8 of us we were, all huddled up

around the mighty plantain spread

our legs crossed, knees touching one and another

Dug into the mound of rice we did,

a feeling of shared togetherness, splendid!


You start with a bite, while I finish.

What is purity, pollution and all that shit!

While I just care that you are human, that’s it.


-28/12/2014, Purulia Express

Of Clay we are Created

Raindrops adorn the leaves

Little droplets of water

And the sun shines on these droplets

Making them look like

tiny studs of diamond

Sparkling diamond earring maybe

Which the sun, with its rays

will take away in sometime

Or the wind will blow it’s way

and the studs will be dropped to the earth

To mix and churn with the brown brown clay

Of clay we are created,

of clay we are created



-Written on 19/09/2019

On the way to Loharkhet, Uttrakhand