Touch me, touch me Not

The path to the temple was packed with shops

Shops selling sweetmeats,

Chenapoda, Khaja, Rasgullas, what not!


Irresistible they seemed, I jumped right away

one of each atleast I want!

The shopkeeper put his hand up –

‘Stay away’ he said. ‘Don’t Touch the counter’

a bitter face he made.


Second servings were thrown on our plates,

from a feet above from where it was placed.

The bitterness never left his face

how ironic! A sweetmeat place!


Kochilanuagaon, a day later I went.

‘Let’s all eat together’ the hostess sais.

A huge plantain dolled up with food;

rice, chutney, curry and daal

cannot miss the papad, salad and pickle!


Some 8 of us we were, all huddled up

around the mighty plantain spread

our legs crossed, knees touching one and another

Dug into the mound of rice we did,

a feeling of shared togetherness, splendid!


You start with a bite, while I finish.

What is purity, pollution and all that shit!

While I just care that you are human, that’s it.


-28/12/2014, Purulia Express

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